Standard Welded Steel Grating

When selecting a bar grating product, consider Standard Welded Steel Grating first. It is usually the most economical and combines a comfortable walking surface with almost 80 percent open area. Standard Welded Steel Grating is designated W-19-4, indicating welded construction (“W”); bearing bars 1-3/16” on center (or “19” sixteenths) and cross bar 4” on center (“4”). When ordering by designation numbers, the thickness and depth of the bearing bars (For Example 1-1/4” x 3/16”) must also be specified to complete the product identification

Standard Aluminum Grating

Because they combine the qualities of corrosion resistance and weldability, Alloys 6061 and 6063 have been selected for use in manufacturing aluminum gratings.
Standard Aluminum Gratings are assembled by locking the cross bars and bearing bars into position by a swaging process or by twist-locking the members into the desired pattern.
Rectangular and I-Beam styles have essentially equal load-carrying capacities for given bar depth. The I-Beam grating provides about one-third more foot contact area and fluted surface for improved skid resistance. The rectangular style has greater open area and vertical bar sides for easier passage of foreign matter.

Stair Treads

The Bar Grating Stair Tread unquestionably makes one of the best industrial stairways available today. OSHA standards, in fact, suggest the use of open grating stair treads for outside stairs (Sec. 1910.24). Treads can be fabricated from any steel or aluminum grating and provided with a choice of nosing materials. Standard carrier plate hole locations make it simple to coordinate stair tread and stringer mounting holes.


Prime painted and hot-dip galvanized finishes are readily available. Interior areas and grating which will receive a finish coat in the field can be ordered with a shop coat of manufacturer's standard primer.
Where the environment is such that corrosion inhibiting quality of prime paint is insufficient, a hot-dip galvanized finish may be desirable. Unless otherwise specifically instructed, gratings, are prepared for galvanizing in accordance with the standard welding practice. After fabrication the material is chemically cleaned and hot dipped to provide a zinc coating averaging not less than 2.0 oz. per square foot of surface area.

Heavy Duty Grating

Heavy-duty gratings often meet the need for flooring products in roadway and factory areas subject to vehicular loads. Since conditions can range from light-duty forklift trucks to semi-trucks and trailers carrying maximum allowable highway loads, heavy duty gratings are manufactured in a wide variety of bar sizes and spacings. The most popular products are described on the following pages along with tables showing the maximum safe spans for some of the most common vehicle loads. If your particular situation is not covered in these tables we would be pleased to assist in the selection of a heavy-duty grating fro your specific needs.

Load Tables

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